Cosmetic Dentistry Helpful for Aesthetic Purposes and Oral Health

Cosmetic Dentistry Helpful for Aesthetic Purposes and Oral Health

Sep 01, 2021
Do you think cosmetic dentistry is merely for improving your aesthetic appearance without providing any benefits to your oral health? While the belief was genuine earlier, things have changed dramatically over the last few years as cosmetic dentists also offer treatments to care for your oral health. Cosmetic dentistry near me does not limit itself merely to teeth whitening treatments or dental veneers to give you a brighter smile.

Present-day dentists offering cosmetic dentistry treatments consider your oral health before they provide any treatments you request. Cosmetic dentistry professionals also work with periodontitis to help you replace missing teeth in your mouth with dental implants or bridges. In addition, if you are dealing with malocclusion, many cosmetic dentists provide treatments to straighten your teeth using clear aligners, remaining virtually invisible in your mouth. However, if teeth whitening is your primary concern, you must visit cosmetic dentistry in Ridgewood for an evaluation to get your teeth whitened.

What Can Expect When Visiting the Facility?

When you visit the cosmetic dentist in Ridgewood with discolored teeth because they distract the beauty from your smile, the dentist initially evaluates your teeth to determine the severity of the discoloration. Teeth whitening is currently the most popular cosmetic dental treatment sought by people. The procedure provides instant results and is delivered by a qualified professional instead of purchasing it over-the-counter.

If you want to whiten your teeth, you have the option of getting brighter teeth either in the dental office or from the comfort of your home. The dentist is a Zoom and Opalescence teeth whitening systems provider helpful in brightening your teeth at home.

You can either undergo teeth whitening in the office with the Zoom chairside teeth whitening system or prefer opalescence go for at-home whitening. Both treatments are efficient, and while the zoom system provides instant long-term results, at-home whitening trays allow you to retain the results longer to ensure you receive a proper return on investment after you brighten your teeth.

Is Teeth Whitening the Only Treatment Available with the Dentist?

Cosmetic Dentistry in Ridgewood, NY, also provides other cosmetic dentistry treatments like enamel contouring, dental veneers, and white spot treatment generally affecting people and caused by decalcification. Therefore you can expect much more than mere teeth whitening from this dentist.

After you visit this cosmetic dentistry facility for teeth whitening, if the dentist notices the discoloration on your teeth is extensive, they recommend dental veneers as an alternative to whitening. Dental veneers help cover severely discolored teeth and are best suited for the front top eight teeth. You can have a single tooth covered by one dental veneer or choose to have all the front eight teeth treated to give you a beautiful smile lasting for over a decade.

You can choose between porcelain or composite resin veneers depending on your budget and the number of teeth you want to have covered. However, you must prepare yourself for a couple of visits to the dentist’s office if you choose porcelain veneers for your teeth. Surfaces help hide discolored teeth and help conceal misshapen, chipped, and broken teeth to give you a beautiful in a couple of appointments with the dentist.

As mentioned earlier, if you think your smile may appear significantly better by making some minor adjustments, the Ridgewood dentist can help you with enamel contouring. This is a tooth reshaping technique and an inefficient method of transforming your smile. You don’t require any anesthesia for enamel contouring because the procedure only involves using a polishing drill to make minor changes to your tooth enamel in a few minutes. Enamel contouring is a straightforward and efficient remedy to correct minor dental flaws to give you a perfect smile you desire.

Over the past few years, cosmetic dentistry has gained significance. As a result, more people are currently looking for treatments to improve their aesthetic appearance and oral health simultaneously from one dental professional. In addition, the availability of multiple therapies from cosmetic dentists and the proliferation of these professionals in the market has also contributed to a drop in the higher prices that these professionals earlier charged.

Presently no longer have to worry about cosmetic dentistry being a pastime of the rich and famous. You can also contact the dentist in Ridgewood to correct any dental imperfection affecting you confident you will soon have a beautiful you will be proud to show off.

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