How Regular Dental Cleanings Will Save You Money

How Regular Dental Cleanings Will Save You Money

Jan 01, 2022
For optimal dental hygiene, you must maintain ideal oral practices like brushing teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride after meals, flossing before going to bed, and visiting a dentist near you for regular dental cleanings and oral examinations. Aside from maintaining healthy gums and teeth, regular cleanings will allow your dental practitioner to detect oral problems like cavities and gingivitis at their early stages. This will save you a lot of future troubles and expenses when seeking treatment at advanced stages.

The Importance of Regular Dental Visits

If you are in the dark or have never had teeth cleaning procedure done on you at the dentist, here’s information to enlighten you on its benefits, importance, and role in promoting good dental health.

Below are reasons why professional dental cleaning is recommended:

Cavity prevention

Dental cavities prevention is among the top reasons why most people go to the dentist for cleanings and check-ups. Oral cavities refer to the holes that get formed in teeth when the tooth enamel gets eroded by decay and acids produced when harmful oral bacteria break down food remains in the mouth. If a cavity is not treated, it may cause severe tooth pains, an infection, or worse, tooth loss. Although anyone can get cavities, children are the most prone because they consume lots of sugary foods, and for most, they don’t know how to properly clean their teeth.

Professional teeth cleaning will get rid of tartar and plaque that coats teeth and cause tooth decay. You can also get fluoride treatment during these visits to help strengthen your teeth’ enamel.

  • Promotes fresh breath

Regular professional teeth cleaning helps control harmful oral bacteria that cause halitosis or bad breath. Although brushing will keep teeth clean, it will be nearly impossible to maintain an oral environment that is odor-free if you don’t go to a dentist for teeth cleaning.

  • Prevents tooth loss

Gingivitis is one of the most common dental problems and is caused by plaque buildup when one has poor dental hygiene. Gum disease can have a serious toll on your oral health and jawbone tissue destruction if it progresses to late stages. When this occurs, gum recession becomes a result, and teeth lose their grip on the jaw and start falling out. Going for teeth cleaning at your dentist’s office will lower the chances of developing gum disease, and even if it develops, it will be caught early, and treatment will commence before there’s severe damage.

  • Boosts general body health

Did you know that your oral health can greatly impact your general health? Since teeth’ roots are near your brain cavities and sinus and are also supplied by blood vessels, a tooth infection can cause serious health problems if it is not addressed. Your dentist will easily notice an oral problem during an oral exam, and if the issue is deep in the tooth or gums, a dental x-ray will be used to check tissues on the inside.

  • Saves you money

Early detection of oral problems creates room for early treatment. Most dental issues are easier and cheaper to treat if they are detected early. However, if they progress and become severe, the restorative procedures will cost you more.

  • Brighter teeth and a brighter smile

Statistics have proven that people who go for dental cleanings regularly have whiter and brighter teeth than those who don’t. This is because the teeth cleaning procedure removes teeth stains, plaque, and tartar which cannot be removed by normal teeth brushing.

What to Expect When You Visit a Dentist for Professional Cleaning

When you visit Mamkin Dentistry for dental cleaning in Ridgewood, NY, our dentist will first examine your teeth and oral tissues to check if they are in good health. Our dentist in Maspeth will suggest relevant treatment plans based on your condition and insurance cover if a problem is identified.

After the examination, your teeth will be cleaned for 30 to 60 minutes. Then, with the help of a scaler, tartar and plaque will be removed off your tooth surface, in between teeth, and the gum line. An ultrasonic or manual scaler will be used, but this will depend on your plaque buildup levels.

Our dentist in 11385 will then polish and floss your teeth to remove stains, followed by fluoride application. Should you feel pain during these procedures, communicate with your dentist.

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