Dental Implants: You and No One Else Can Discern The From Your Natural Teeth

Aug 07, 2023
Dental Implants: You and No One Else Can Discern The From Your Natural Teeth
If you want to replace your missing tooth but don’t want to keep reminding yourself and those around you of the gaps that once were, look no further than dental implants. Learn how dental implants can help you leave your missing teeth in the past.

They say the past is the past, but it feels like the opposite is true when it comes to your teeth. It’s hard to run away from embarrassing gaps in your smile, and some of your options for replacement don’t offer much cover fire. 

Enter dental implants. 

Our team at Mamkin Dentistry Aesthetic & Restorative Center in Ridgewood, New York, knows that your smile can significantly impact your self-esteem. And when your teeth are missing, so is your confidence. 

So, we don’t just mask the problem; we offer dental implants that offer a permanent and discreet way back to a cohesive smile. 

Where other methods can fail

We’ve been trying to find the best way to replace teeth when they go missing for hundreds of years. Ancient healers and old-time doctors attempted to fill in the gaps in their patients’ smiles with bamboo, bits of metal, and even seashells. 

Fortunately, dentistry developed with the rest of society, giving us sturdier, healthier options like the dentures and bridges you know today. However, those options don’t always offer the most seamless path toward a seamless smile. 

Dentures, for instance, can slip out and make noise when you chew and talk. Both bridges and dentures are durable, but notorious for breaking if you don’t care for them properly. 

That’s why we recommend dental implants to so many of our patients. 

What makes dental implants different

Dental implants are metal posts we surgically implant into your jawbone. They anchor crowns, bridges, or dentures, fixing them in place. Over time, your jawbone fuses around the metal implant, accepting it as a permanent part of your mouth — a process called osseointegration

Once osseointegration happens, your mouth behaves like it never lost a tooth. The crown, bridge, or denture cemented to the post matches your natural teeth. You can eat what you please, say “cheese,” and talk with ease. Simply put, no one (perhaps not even you) will know which tooth or teeth you replaced.

The ideal candidate for dental implants

The best part about dental implants is that they're an option for almost everyone. Dental implants are famous for spot-treating individual missing teeth, but with advanced procedures like All-on-4® dental implants, we can replace an entire row of teeth. 

The number of teeth you’re missing may not count you out for dental implants, but we may not recommend them for you or delay your implant surgery if you have:

  • Inadequate jawbone 
  • Preexisting health conditions that may interfere with healing or osseointegration
  • Poor oral health
  • Gum disease

If necessary, we can perform bone grafting, tooth extraction, and other general dentistry services to address oral health problems before implant surgery.

Dental implant surgeries can also require a significant financial investment. Tell us about projected costs, and we can help you decide if it works in your budget.

A solution for the long haul

Dental implants and implant-supported bridges and dentures are far and away the best way to quickly and discreetly address missing teeth. We’ve seen firsthand how they can take a broken-down smile and make it brand new. 

We'd love to talk with you if you’re interested in finding out if you’re a candidate. Call our friendly staff at 718-736-2785 or use our online booking tool to request an appointment today.