Does Contouring Damage Teeth

Mar 01, 2023
Does Contouring Damage Teeth
Enamel contouring helps boost your smile’s appearance, and self-confidence, leaving you feeling better about your teeth. Many prefer braces to improve their smile because of misshapen or crooked teeth.

Enamel contouring helps boost your smile’s appearance, and self-confidence, leaving you feeling better about your teeth. Many prefer braces to improve their smile because of misshapen or crooked teeth. However, enamel contouring is a cost-effective cosmetic procedure, although it may only benefit some.

If you want to know more about enamel contouring, including its process and whether the treatment suits your needs, this article provides the information. Kindly continue reading to educate yourself about enamel contouring.

What Precisely Is Enamel Contouring?

Enamel contouring, also called odontoplasty, is a low-cost aesthetic dentistry process convenient for fixing chipped, uneven, cracked, and misaligned teeth. The procedure is speedy and painless, helping remove some tooth enamel for shaping and lengthening the problematic tooth. The dentist in Ridgewood also applies a tooth-colored resin to the reshaped tooth and hardens the material on it.

When Is Enamel Contouring Recommended?

Dentists recommend enamel contouring in Ridgewood if you want to correct minor and subtle defects with your teeth. However, this procedure is not suitable for significant dental issues.

If you have overlapping teeth or have dental flaws like severely crooked and misaligned teeth, the dentist suggests orthodontic treatments to straighten them instead of enamel contouring.

You must be in good dental health without infections to receive a recommendation from the Ridgewood dentist for enamel contouring. The procedure requires the dentist to remove tooth enamel which they don’t perform if you have unhealthy gums, infected teeth, or dental pulp infections. As long as you are not affected by the conditions mentioned, you can expect to receive a recommendation for enamel contouring to improve the appearance of your smile.

The Functioning of Enamel Contouring

Enamel contouring is a straightforward and speedy process. A dental exam and x-rays start the process of allowing your dentist to examine the health of your teeth and gums. The dentist also checks the enamel to determine whether enamel erosion has affected you. If you have weakened enamel, the dentist recommends alternative procedures like dental veneers. However, if you have healthy teeth and gums besides enamel, the dentist begins removing some by using a sanding disk to minimize imperfections with your tooth.

Dentists can shorten the length of long teeth besides shaping and smoothening uneven teeth to improve alignment and bite. Dentists combine contouring with dental bonding if you have chipped or gapped teeth. When bonding your teeth, the dentist uses a tooth-colored resin to mold and shape your tooth. The bonding material hardens instantly after application and requires about 30 minutes to complete the procedure. However, the bonding process is separate and costs more than enamel contouring.

The Downsides of Enamel Contouring

The enamel contouring process is a cosmetic process indicating your dental insurance provider will likely only cover the treatment cost if it is required for damages resulting from accidents. Therefore you might have to pay out of pocket if considering enamel contouring cosmetic reasons. In addition, occasionally, the risk of too much enamel removal from your teeth can cause sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. However, besides the above, enamel contouring doesn’t pose risks that will harm your dental health.

How Long Does Enamel Contouring Last?

Enamel contouring coupled with dental bonding is ideal for improving the shape and appearance of your teeth. However, good after-care is essential to maintain the results of this procedure. The Ridgewood dentist provides after-care instructions to ensure you retain its effects for as long as possible.

If you receive bonding, the resin hardens instantly on an application on your teeth. However, the risk of resin chipping and cracking also exist. Therefore you must ensure you care for your teeth by refraining from eating complex foods, biting fingernails, chewing gum, et cetera.

Enamel contouring and reshaping with dental bonding are also susceptible to staining from beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, et cetera. Therefore you must limit your consumption of these beverages to ensure you make the treatment last without needing additional touchups.

If you care for your teeth and maintain excellent dental hygiene, you can expect enamel contouring and reshaping to remain with you for a decade using a low-cost alternative treatment than orthodontics to improve your smile. In addition, the process helps resolve minor aesthetic flaws affecting your teeth to enhance the appearance of your smile.

If minor dental defects impact your smile, Mamkin dentistry helps by providing a low-cost cosmetic procedure, enamel contouring to improve your smile’s appearance. The treatment doesn’t require much time and has no downtime. Why not contact them today to correct your dental defects and have a pleasing smile?