What Are Veneers?

Aug 01, 2022
What Are Veneers?
Dental veneers have been used for many years and have proven effective in correcting minor dental imperfections. Thus, it is not shocking to find that most actors, athletes, and other celebrities you solely admire have enhanced their smiles...

Dental veneers have been used for many years and have proven effective in correcting minor dental imperfections. Thus, it is not shocking to find that most actors, athletes, and other celebrities you solely admire have enhanced their smiles through dental veneers at least once in their lives. Moreover, since dental veneers look natural and blend with adjacent teeth, it’s almost impossible for people to tell them apart if fitted by an experienced dentist. So what are dental veneers, and what are their benefits?

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin shells made of porcelain or composite resin that, when bonded on the tooth surface, fix minor tooth imperfections such as stains, cracks, and chips. If you are not pleased with your teeth’s appearance, consider visiting our dentist in Ridgewood to get dental veneers that brighten your smile.

Types of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are only fabricated from the finest materials to ensure they look natural and are durable. Here are 2 of the most common types of dental veneers:

Minimal Prep-Veneers: these are the most common dental veneers and are also referred to as traditional veneers. They require the teeth to be restored to undergo some preparations, which involve the removal of the tooth enamel. Removal of the tooth enamel makes the procedure irreversible, and you will need to be anesthetized not to feel any pain during treatment.

No-Prep Veneers: unlike traditional veneers, no-prep veneers are easier to install since they don’t need extensive preparations before fitting. Since there is little enamel removal, your dentist may install no-prep veneers without using local anesthesia.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are veneers made entirely of composite resin and are cheaper than porcelain veneers. In addition, we can shade your composite veneers to match your adjacent natural teeth and make your smile more aesthetically pleasing.

The main disadvantage of getting composite veneers is that they stain, chip, and crack easily compared to porcelain veneers. With that in mind, it’s better not to use your veneers for biting on hard surfaces to protect them from getting damaged fast. Most dentists recommend veneers for your front teeth since they can’t withstand lots of biting force.

Porcelain Veneers

If you are looking for the most durable dental veneers, choose ones made from porcelain. Porcelain veneers are more stain-resistant, durable (lasts for more than 8 years), and can withstand more force without cracking. Furthermore, your porcelain veneers will provide the same aesthetic benefits as composite resin since we can also paint them to match the shade of your natural teeth.

Benefits of getting dental veneers

They Look Natural

Traditional dental veneers may require more than one dental appointment before being fitted. Since they are customized in a dental lab to perfectly fit your teeth, dental veneers can look natural and be difficult to spot once fitted. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about people noticing your veneers every time you eat out or deliver a speech.

Beautify Your Smile

Most minor dental imperfections such as cracks, wear, and stains can be corrected through dental veneers. Once the shell is bonded to your teeth, it will be able to make your smile more attractive and also protect your damaged teeth from further damage. In addition, if you are self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, veneers can make you feel more confident about your smile.

Require Little Enamel Removal

Dental veneers need certain levels of preparations to be made, which often include removing part of your teeth’ enamel. However, it is a small fraction compared to what would have been removed if you had opted for dental crowns or other tooth restorations. In addition, keeping some part of the tooth enamel means your teeth will still have some protection from bacteria and decay even if the veneers were to be removed.

They Are Durable

Dental veneers in Ridgewood, NY, are made from the finest resin or porcelain material. By doing so, we ensure all of our patients can get the most out of their dental veneers. With good aftercare, dental veneers can last for up to 10 years or longer before becoming too worn out. Visit our dentist in Maspeth to get high-quality, durable dental veneers.

Require Little Maintenance

Dental veneers will offer more protection from stains compared to natural teeth. However, it is good that you practice good oral hygiene and not use them for tasks that require lots of biting force so they may serve you for an extended period. It would be best if you also visited a dental clinic near you for regular checkups to avoid other dental problems and ensure your veneers are in optimal condition.


Dental veneers are a good investment for those of you with minor dental imperfections. If properly taken care of, your veneers can last for years and give you a smile that your friends and colleagues secretly admire. So visit Mamkin Dentistry-Ridgewood, NY, for dental veneers and other restorative and cosmetic procedures. We accept major dental payment methods and dental insurance providers so you can easily access quality dental care.