Endodontic Therapy (Root Canal Treatment) in Ridgewood, NY

Endodontic therapy is known as root canal treatment, which is the branch of dentistry that focuses particularly on the dental pulp and the soft tissues surrounding the roots of your teeth. Patients typically need a root canal when there is inflammation or infection in the roots of a tooth. This procedure is often referred to as one of the only options to “save the tooth”. After all, the inside of your tooth is just as, if not more, important as the outside.

What’s Involved in Endodontics

A standard dental exam will take place so that the dentist can evaluate your oral health and determine which tooth or teeth need to be treated. A locale anesthetic will be administered, and the dentist will carefully create an opening through the crown of your tooth, similar to a “filling” procedure, only a bit deeper in order to access the pulp (the core, soft tissue inside the tooth) in order to remove the pulp. Using several instruments the dentist will clean, disinfect and shape the root canals. A special root canal filling is placed inside the canals in order to seal the space (canals). Usually a temporary restoration (filling) is placed inside the access opening after the root canal is finished. Some tenderness is not uncommon, especially when chewing hard food, but the discomfort alleviates within the first week after treatment. The patient returns 1-3 weeks after treatment for a more permanent restoration which the doctor at Mamkin Dentistry Aesthetic and Restorative Center will customize for you. This procedure has very high percentages of success in treating tooth pain or internal soft tissue damage.

Once an endodontic treatment has been completed and the tooth restored with a permanent restoration, the treated tooth should be periodically examined. This will help ensure that the tooth is healing properly. These follow-up appointments may take place every 6 to 12 months. If there is any additional discomfort after treatment, please feel free to reach to us at Mamkin Dentistry Aesthetic & Restorative Center, and we will see you immediately.

Scheduling Your Endodontics Appointment

If you feel as though you may have soft tissue or nerve damage in your teeth, you should seek out the professional help of our dentist. In Ridgewood, you can find a fantastic team at Mamkin Dentistry Aesthetic & Restorative Center. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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