Full Dentures

Full Dentures in Ridgewood, NY

Missing teeth are never attractive to look at. And worse, they can limit your ability to enjoy certain foods the way you once used to. If you’re ready to reclaim the appearance and functionality of your smile from a dentist near you in Ridgewood, NY, in a more permanent way, the expert team at Mamkin Dentistry Aesthetic & Restorative Center can help with several treatment options.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are a set of crowns or artificial teeth that are customized to your oral cavity. They can be removed and re-inserted. Full dentures are used to replace all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw. In the past, dentures were made of porcelain or plastic, but now they are made out of hard composite resin.

Although dentures are resilient to stress (they are built to resemble natural teeth in structure and function), they can chip or crack if exposed to pressure or force. The structure that supports the dentures is also made of similar material and resembles the gum line.

If you suffer from decay or cavities or require extraction, Mamkin Dentistry Aesthetic & Restorative Center can provide comfortable dentures near you.

Dentures Supported on Implants (Snap On)

After a long time of wearing full dentures they may become loose when you’re eating, laughing, or talking, and even fabricating a new denture will not give you the same fit as you originally had. There are more options to choose from in order to have a more confident and comfortable feel when you wear your dentures, and its a snap-in dentures that are supported by dental implants from Mamkin Dentistry Aesthetic & Restorative Center.

We’ve helped countless patients restore the confidence and quality of their smile with the array of prosthetic teeth options we offer, and we can do the same for you too. If you agree that it’s time to learn more about full denture options in Ridgewood, NY. Simply make an appointment today for a consultation and treatment plan that’s tailored to your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. Use our convenient online booking tool to get started now.

Implant Overdenture

Are You Researching Your Options?

If you’re researching full dentures in Ridgewood, NY, because you’re worried about tooth loss or gum disease leading to your need for prosthetic teeth, one of the best things you can do now is to make an appointment for preventive dentistry from the team at Mamkin Dentistry Aesthetic & Restorative Center. Even if you believe that your teeth are too damaged to be restored, you may learn that Dr. Mamkin and her team can treat your concerns with restorative dentistry instead of full dentures in Ridgewood, NY.

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