Periodontal Treatment in Ridgewood, NY

Periodontal treatment corrects conditions affecting the gums and jawbones. The term “peri” means “next to” and “odontal” refers to the teeth. The tissues next to our teeth are the gums and bones holding the teeth in place.

At Mamkin Dentistry Periodontal, we diagnose patients with periodontitis when they come in for their regular check-ups. Early stages of the condition can be asymptomatic and hard to diagnose for those who aren’t experienced. At Mamkin Dentistry Periodontal in Ridgewood, we do our best to guarantee that our patients get the care they deserve.

Do You Have Periodontitis?

Early on, you might feel perfectly fine. The fact that so many dental diseases start as silent is why we always recommend that people visit their dentist twice a year. As the disease gets worse, you’ll start complaining of a few symptoms.

Gums that bleed when you brush and floss are an early sign of disease. You might also notice that your breath has gotten worse or that your gums look swollen compared to before. During the most severe and latest stages of the disease, gums start to recede, and teeth become loose. If left untreated, tooth loss can happen.

What Increases a Person’s Risk of Periodontitis?

The primary reason people get periodontitis is that they don’t take good care of their oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and visiting your dentist regularly for cleaning and check-ups all greatly diminish your risk of having inflamed and infected gums.

Smoking lowers immunity, which has local and systemic effects. Diabetes is another condition that makes people vulnerable to infections all over their bodies.

Treatment of Periodontitis

The treatment of periodontitis will depend on its severity. Mild gum inflammation can be treated with an oral antibiotic or antiseptic gels and rinses in combination with a deep cleaning. For more severe infections, we give oral antibiotic pills. We will also need to clean your teeth to remove any build-up of bacteria and sources of infection.

Surgery is the last line of treatment available. It’s used to restore tissue to its original state or replace teeth that were lost due to severe inflammation.

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