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Teeth Whitening in Ridgewood, NY

Stains and discoloration can distract from the beauty of your smile. If you want to make a good impression with your smile, whether for your next interview or a date, teeth whitening is the way to go. Teeth whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. It’s a quick and non-invasive way to transform your smile from dull to stunning.

If you want a brighter smile, you have the option of whitening your teeth at home or in a dentist’s office. If you choose home teeth whitening, it’s best to get your kit from a certified dental professional instead of over-the-counter. Over-the-counter tooth bleaching kits are rarely effective, and you may run into adverse side effects because of ill-fitting trays, among other issues.

Here at Mamkin Dentistry Aesthetic & Restorative Center, we offer various options to patients who want a brighter and more confident smile. Specifically, we’re proud providers of Opalescence tooth whitening systems as well as ZOOM! tooth whitening.

Opalescence Teeth Whitening (Take Home)

Opalescence teeth whitening systems come in three versions, namely Opalescence Go, Opalescence PF, and Opalescence Boost. Opalescence Go is a home tooth whitening kit that comes with ready to wear trays that are designed to fit any smile. Opalescence Go offers two different concentrations and two different flavors.

Opalescence PF is also a home whitening kit. It’s different from Opalescence Go in that it utilizes custom trays. As such, our dentist will need to take your dental impressions and create custom trays that are unique to your smile. Opalescence PF is available in five concentrations, for ultimate treatment flexibility.

Opalescence Boost is chairside, professional teeth whitening. Opalescence Boost relies on chemical activation, and the process typically lasts an hour. Opalescence Boost promises noticeable results within a single appointment.

All three Opalescence teeth whitening systems use a whitening gel containing potassium nitrate and fluoride. Potassium nitrate lowers teeth sensitivity while fluoride strengthens your teeth.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening (Chair Side)

ZOOM! teeth whitening is a cutting-edge approach to tooth bleaching that utilizes a special UV light to activate a powerful whitening gel, for accelerated results.

ZOOM! teeth whitening is carried out in three sessions of fifteen minutes each. Aftereach session, there’s a light break during which the dentist reapplies a coat of the whitening gel. We take great care of you during this process, including ensuring your eyes are well-protected against the UV light.

ZOOM! teeth whitening promises instant and long-lasting results.

Don’t let stains and discoloration get in the way of your confidence. Reach out to Mamkin Dentistry Aesthetic & Restorative Center today and let us transform your smile safely and painlessly using superior tooth whitening systems.

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