Understanding the Importance of White Spot Removal in Dentistry

Understanding the Importance of White Spot Removal in Dentistry

Jul 01, 2021
The cosmetic and beauty industry has taken the world by storm. Today, this industry has invaded into different practices of medicine, to improve the overall appearance of patients. Dentistry has not been left out. If anything, cosmetic dentistry draws thousands of people to the dental world, as many seek dental solutions that can improve their smiles.

One of the most popular treatments in cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. It allows patients to flaunt Hollywood-like smiles by whitening and brightening them. Multiple procedures and techniques exist for changing the color of your teeth. It usually depends on the type of stains you have on your teeth, along with your personal preferences for procedures. One of the ways to whiten your teeth is White Spot Removal in Ridgewood, NY.

What Is White Spot Removal?

It is a teeth whitening technique that focuses on removing the white specs or spots on teeth. These types of stains are noticed as a result of decalcification. It is a process that alters the mineralization of teeth so that minerals like, calcium and phosphorus, which are crucial for healthy teeth, are unevenly distributed on the enamels thereof. The loss of minerals in parts of your teeth comes about due to acids and bacteria present in plaque that builds up on the surfaces of teeth.

What Causes White Specs on Teeth?

As you consider seeking white spot removal near you, you must also understand the primary cause of the discoloration of your teeth. Some of the common reasons for getting white spots are:

  1. Too much fluoride – although this natural mineral is crucial for building strong and healthy teeth, too much of it is bad for your teeth. The medical term for too much dental fluoridation is fluorosis.
  2. Bacteria overgrowth – harmful bacteria in your mouth contribute to the forming of white specs on the enamels of your teeth. Since the mouth is a very suitable place for bacteria to grow, we have to be intentional about keeping up with excellent oral hygiene. It is the only way to prevent bacteria overgrowth, which results in many other oral problems.
  3. Dietary problems – if you do not consume enough foods that are rich in crucial minerals like calcium, your teeth will lack the necessary minerals to remain strong and healthy. The insufficiency of these minerals can also result in white specs on some of your teeth.
  4. Certain types of medication – research has shown that some types of antibiotics like amoxicillin can impact the health of your teeth and lead to discoloration over time.
  5. Metal braces – traditional braces are helpful for straightening maligned teeth. However, after using them for a long time, they may result in thin lines or small spots of white specs on teeth around the area of the metal brackets. For that reason, many orthodontics patients who get dental braces end up seeking white spot removal in Ridgewood when their treatment is complete.

Three Ways of Removing White Spots on Teeth

The best way to get rid of white specs on teeth is to consult your dentist for a whitening session. After an in-depth oral exam, your dentist will determine the best approach to take for whitening your teeth. This can be done in three main ways:

  1. Enamel bleaching – is the most popular method of whitening teeth. It involves using whitening agents, mostly those containing a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The process relies on oxidization to dissolve the stains on teeth and whiten them.
  2. Resin infiltration – involves using a special resin to balance the whiteness of teeth. The resin is set in the enamel of your teeth and hardened, to create the same glare as the healthy parts of your natural tooth.
  3. Porcelain veneers – it is a rather cosmetic approach to whitening teeth. The dentist will create shell-like porcelain appliances that are bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth. This approach is best fitted for patients who are adamant about directly bleaching their teeth. It is also an effective way to cover up the stubborn stains on your teeth, as well as any other flaws thereof.

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